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In the last 3 years since becoming a mom, I HAVE STRUGGLED! Mentally, ​emotionally, and physically. It wasn't until I became a mom that I took back the ​control over my life and learned to be my true authentic self. I remember crying with ​my newborn in my arms while I said, "You deserve a mom who loves herself, that ​enjoys life, that can provide, that you can truly lean on for support." I wanted her to ​have a mom who didn't believe she was broken. So that day I decided that was ​exactly what I was going to give her. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. ​Year by year. I have become a women who whole-heartedly believes she is capable of ​achieving every single thing on her vision board even the ones that seem crazy to ​others (those are my favorites). I am sexy AF, I am a queen in my life, I don't allow ​others opinions to control me like I used to, I am content when saying NO, I am a ​fucking masterpiece.

Okay, okay. Why the fuck am I telling you this? Because YOU deserve to see yourself ​exactly like this too! It's possible!

I grew up around (mostly) women who never thought they were good enough to ​have the finer things in life. Being from Oklahoma there aren't very many people who ​are willing to take their control back and end up settling in comfort but are never ​actually happy.

This is why my work is so important here. I am a self-love coach that knows you are ​worthy of the life you have always dreamed of, you just may need some guidance on ​how to get there.

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The Pretty Bitch ​Package

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Me + You

* I hour zoom calls each week

+ WhatsApp or Voxer support between

Learn to trust yourself.

How to support yourself and growth even after our time together.

Start 2023 off knowing how to embrace your inner bad bitch!

You Ready babe?! Because, I fucking am!!

Ready to transform.

Ready to go from unsure to totally and undeniably ​sure.

From hesitant to completely trusting yourself, your ​thoughts, and feelings.

This is something I've spent the last 12 months lazer ​focused on.

So now I get to help you do the same.

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8 weeks 1:1

In full $130

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2 weeks 1:1


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8 weeks 1:1

Payment Plan Options

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4 weeks 1:1


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The Pretty Bitch Package

Collective Edition

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In this program you’ll Iearn the beginning ways to work towards your goals and begin to release negative beliefs.

After these 4 weeks together you will have new tools to use while going through your own self-love/self discovery ​journey.

You will know what it means to truly embody loving who you are with a band of pretty bitches ready to support you!

What does this entail?

4 weeks of support in a group of women.

That means access to replays and live calls that happen once a week for 4 weeks.

A messaging group for you to receive and give support through this 4 week program.

You get to begin discovering who you are, what it means to be in tune with your body, and begin embracing what you ​discover.

Week 1: Discover.

Get in tune with your body.

Week 2: Embrace.

Inner Child Work. Shadow Work.

Week 3: Embody.

EFT and other practices you can begin to use on ​your journey. Slowly without feeling overwhelmed.

Week 4: Love. Hypnosis + Reiki Session.

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What Clients Say + ​Certifications

Client Reiki Testimony​

I was lucky enough to experience a Reiki treatment with Brittany. I had been ​having some significant mood issues related to my mental illness and was ​looking to find some relief/balance. I did not know what to expect as it was my ​first Reiki treatment, but a sense of calm came over me of warmth and clarity like ​I had never felt before. Following the treatment, I had an emotional release that ​felt so healing. I am looking forward to additional Reiki treatments with Brittany ​in the future - I recommend her to EVERYONE!

Self Discovery & Self-Love Coach

Reiki Practitioner

Time Techniques Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Other Ways to ​Work with Me

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Hypnosis Session + Recording

"Balancing with Brittany" Course

A course based program with your own login info and a FB Group for support.

This is a program that will continue to be updated and new content added in, also exclusive FB Group content.

You'll learn what it means to find a balance in your life. You have the option of 2 1:1 calls with me to really dive into what you want and need in life. We focus on priorities, future plans, schedules, and the strategy of it. We also spend a lot of time in the body. Focusing on what goals and things you do day-to-day are actually yours and which ones have been placed onto you by others.

We begin to find the little joys in your life. Making you happier, more organized,

and feeling more balanced in your day-to-day.

Pre-Sale Price


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Balancing with Brittany ​Podcast

This podcast is all about taking your power ​back by creating a killer self-care routine and ​loving all parts of YOU. Mind, Body, and Soul. ​Being a mom is fucking hard and that's not ​even including the mental roller coaster you go ​on to discover who you are as a person again. ​I'm here to help you regain your confidence ​and stop putting yourself on the back burner.

Work with Me

Want to work with me but ​need guidance on which ​program to choose?

A brand looking to get the ​word out about your product ​that benefits women and is ​inclusive to all colors, shapes ​and sizes?

You can email or message ​me on any social media ​platforms linked at the top.

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